Through out the play Macbeth, Shakespeare demonstrates that power and security is harmful for someone – especially if that power or security is enquired at any means. To demonstrate this concept Shakespeare uses a variety of language techniques. During the beginning of the play you are introduced to a brave Macbeth who had just turn […]

Statement: Having Power and seeking security can be quite harmful – Especially when you strive to gain power at any cost. Shakespeare demonstrates this idea throughout the play Macbeth, using Macbeth’s descended into insanity and a range of language features, Shakespeare demonstrates this idea. Paragraph 1: During the beginning of the play (Act 1, Scene 2) you […]

During Act 5 scene 1 we are introduced to the Gentel-Woman and the doctor, the doctor is frustrated for being summoned for 2 nights by the gentel-woman “I have two nights watched with you, but can perceive no truth in your report. When was it she last walked”. In this passage the doctor meantions about […]

Paragraph 1: Talk about an idea Shakespeare was portraying through the play, give examples of shakespeare referring to this idea and how the characters throughout the play are developing this idea. When actors perform or are practicing the play it is known as the “Scottish play” instead of the “Play of Macbeth” because it is […]

In act 1 of williams Shakespeare’s Macbeth, we are introduced to Lady Macbeth(Macbeth’s wife) and Shakespeare don’t bother to hide her dire ambition of making Macbeth King of scotland. In act 1 Scene 5 Lady Macbeth is introduced to the audience, she is reading a letter form her husband talking about how the witches told […]

s\ Visual action ** Declan: umm, you know but didnt you have the g430’s   Eamon: Yeah I still have the G430’s Declan: So they still work? Eamon: Yeah they still work but they have 5.1 instead of 7.1 which is bad Declan: The G930’s here second hand. Eamon: yeah and they lasted like a […]

Jumper”Ye” Orange Hair”Fanks for anwsering gizzer, you now what I mean” Brown hair”give it here, where you been fool, making us rinse out our credit leaving you messages and dat” Orange hair”Mr dougles is well on the war path with you bruv and that” Jumper”Cuse, of the bag and dat” Orange Hair”what bag, cuse you missed a lesson […]

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