Clowns are not what you think they are

Clowns are scary. Most people know clowns as the entertainment of a circus but what if I told that was all an act, what if I told you clowns are not what you think they are.

Clowns are commonly known to be performers at circuses and other outdoor carnival events, So far so good…, but clowns are actually super evil, their acts are just what they are, acts to let the clowns fool you into thinking that they couldn’t be considered for performing a any heinous crime.

Clowns can been known for wearing thick makeup, this is to mask the criminals real face, the makeup is used to disguising the face under the makeup. Clowns put so much makeup on that they are able to change the shape and size of their ‘face’ at will. This is so that when they break the law they can’t be tracked or spotted because the shape of there face is different.

You often see clowns in really baggy clothes, this is usually thought to be funny because it makes the person look large, clumsy or exaggerate body movements but truly it is for stashing stolen goods and weapons of mass destruction. Their clothes are stretchy and so can store more stolen goods then what a normal burglar can in their pants or duffel bag.

The reason for the clowns big shoes is because they are used to scale walls, they also contain magnets and spikes so they can scale roofs or metal structures, the bigger portion of the shoe contains equipment used to break into buildings, like walls or windows.

A clown wears a red nose for one reason and one reason only, it is used for head butting you. A spike comes out of the nose and pricks you, it contains a numbing agent to slow you down so they can get away faster and with less resistance.

When someone goes to clown college it is because that person has been brainwashed to become part of the clown army, clown college isn’t where people go to learn how to fall properly or how to make balloon animals it is where people go to learn to rob banks and hack into mainframes and steal company information.

The most shocking part of all this is that when a clown robs a bank or steals something, they only earn 10% of what they retrieved, this means that all clowns are really poor and angry because they are not cared for.

When a clown breaks free of the brainwashing and runs away from the evil clown giants(giants as in the companies are massive), the person is usually so brain-damaged that they can not reform to their original life again, so they usually go live in sewers eating stray cats and dogs and sometimes small children in yellow raincoat that are watching a paper boat that is floating down a rain drain.

During my childhood I use to love clowns, I thought they were funny and silly, but then one afternoon after being at a carnival and having a great time, my family and I arrived home to having the house ransacked. Lamps broken, draws left open and thrown across the room, scratches and dents throughout walls and furniture in the house. I rushed straight to my bedroom to find white paint aligning my room and massive foot prints scattered across my floor. The police had decided that some cat burglar had broken into our house and that they had spilt all their laser revealing powder, but I think it is a lie, I know that clowns broke into our house and tried to steal all our expensive things.

If you meet one of these clowns you should call the police as soon as you see them, not because the police will a do anything it is just the mention of a rogue clown in the police system will let the clown government know and they will come “get” him.

Really it is not the clowns fault it is the organisations that are brainwashing innocent people in to becoming lethal weapons against the persons will, as people who know about the evil clown organisations we should do everything in our power to bring down these evil organisations.



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