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Declan: umm, you know but didnt you have the g430’s


Eamon: Yeah I still have the G430’s

Declan: So they still work?

Eamon: Yeah they still work but they have 5.1 instead of 7.1 which is bad

Declan: The G930’s here second hand.

Eamon: yeah and they lasted like a week

Declan: Are you going to get the G933’s

Eamon: ah as soon as I maybe, I might get headphones that aren’t wireless

Declan: So is the battery broken

Eamon: so what ends up happening is the theee, when you charge the battery to much it damages so it doesn’t keep the charge and it is constantly turning on and off, so it is software and batter.

Declan: you could just keep it plugged in.

Eamon: No because it is constantly turning itself on and off

Declan: fhhhh, Eamon you silly boi

Eamon: It’s not my fault it’s pretty much like it’s not fixable, well it is fixable I will have to send it back to logitech and get them to reset

Declan: which is more expensive then buying a new pair of headphones

Eamon: And that is gonna cost me because they arent my headphones.

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  1. This is going well. There are many more non-standard features you’ve not yet identified – what about the sentence fragments and the verbal fillers?


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