Growing old is mandatory but growing up is completely optional: Persuasive Speech

It is known that ageing is mandatory, but what if i told you that growing up was optional. Today I will be giving strong reasoning to why you should grow old but never grow up.

I bet you have all thought about what you have planned in the future, where you want to go and how you want to get there. But have you ever thought about how these major events might actually change who you are as a person. We are told that we need to grow up, we have to become mature, we are told that if we age and grow up we are entrusted with more responsibilities and the more aged and grown up we get we are trusted and are known as wise.

But what if I told you that will you are gaining all these responsibilities you are losing a very important part of a personality, your optimism, your need to know, your curiosity. You lose these because when you diced that you want to take up more responsibilities you run out of time to accommodate these feature of your personality.

Examples of people who have lost that part of themselves are, lawyers, politicians and police officers. These people are usually known for being blunt, heartless and care about nothing but themselves, how they hide this from people is by having jobs that associate themselves with other people to seem like they are helping people but truly they are only accommodating themselves.

I am sure that all of you have a family member that you look up to, who you think are awesome, just think for a second about how that person, do they act erratic, do they act immature and childish. These people are the people who haven’t grow up but like all of us will have to succumb to the torture of age. But unlike all the people previously mentioned these people have optimism and hope, these are the people who see things as they could in a positive light, instead of what things are in a negative light. If you know someone like this you should strive to stay optimistic and have hope like them.


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